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Hynek Landscaping & Co. is recognized as one of the premier landscaping companies in Eastern Iowa- serving Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Cedar Falls, to Dubuque, Davenport and everywhere in-between. Hynek Landscaping & Co. is a second generation family-owned company, and within its 20-year history has positioned itself as a leader in the landscape construction industry.

Headquartered on the 150-acre family farm in Swisher, Iowa, Hynek Landscaping works closely with home owners, general contractors, landscape architects and businesses to construct, install and maintain quality landscapes for residential properties, churches, schools, businesses, cities and many other commercial properties.

Hyneks understands the myriad needs of all clients and strives to meet those needs by offering specialized, tailored solutions to fit everyone’s budget, lifestyle and preference. “In my first consultation with a client, I walk side by side with them, listening to their vision,” explains Paul Hynek. “It’s my job to take their seeds of ideas and grow it into a landscape concept that will meet all their expectations and budget.”

Call or e-mail Hynek Landscaping & Co. for a free, on-site consultation.

Hynek Landscaping & Co. provides service in:

  • Retaining walls
  • Seeding
  • Sodding
  • Water features
  • Pavers
  • Grading
  • Snow removal
  • Water drainage management
  • Lead abatement and removal
  • Landscape maintenance



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